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IMPORTANT.  Please remember that boiling water is potentially dangerous, and any kettle should be positioned out of reach of children.  SuperKettles are designed to be left on a work surface, and water obtained using the pump.  SuperKettles should NOT be lifted or carried when they contain hot water.

Q. Why have I not seen the SuperKettle before?

A. These SuperKettles are commonplace in the Far East and many other technologically progressive countries, where the traditional British type of kettle is virtually unkown. Visitors to those countries are nearly always impressed with the benefits, and often bring them back for their own use. Adoption in the UK has been slow but progressive, and newtonz Ltd have been selling them for over 10 years in the UK.

Q. Do I need to keep my kettle as well as a SuperKettle?

A. No. The SuperKettle can provide up to 3 litres of water at just below boiling point. The only thing it can’t do is steam open letters!

Q. I am perfectly happy with my existing kettle, why should I change?

A.  You will miss out on the convenience benefits of the SuperKettle. Make a cup of tea or coffee as soon as you wake up in the morning or arrive home. Keep your vegetables fresh by starting with boiling water. Make lots of things like instant gravy and custard, in-cup soups, stock from cubes, etc without waiting.  In a domestic kitchen it is often only necessary to fill the SuperKettle once per day, for example last thing at night, to have hot water all the next day.

Q.  I have arthritis in my hands,  Will I be able to use the SuperKettle.

A.  Many people who have difficulty lifting or tipping a kettle have become reliant on the SuperKettles, because they only have to push a small button to get the hot water.  If necessary, another person can fill it up for them  when necessary.  They are often recommended by Occupational Therapists.

Q. Will the SuperKettle run off my Solar Panels?

A. SuperKettles offer a significant benefit if you have solar power.  The most common domestic installation of solar panels is  4 kilowatt’ but this is the theoretical maximum output at the peak time of day.  Unlike any ordinary kettle which will draw around 3 kW, the SuperKettle only uses 700 watts (0.7 kW) and so is likely to use your free energy for a much longer period or the day, and on less sunny days.

Q. I run a small office or salon; will the SuperKettle be suitable for me?

A. Yes, although not designed for industrial use, it is ideal for small groups, and means that you or your staff can enjoy more of your tea break.

Q. How quickly does the SuperKettle heat up from cold?

A. If the SuperKettle is fully filled with cold water, it usually takes a little less than 30 minutes to reach operating temperature.  Commonly it is topped up when partly filled, so heats the contents much more quickly. Owners soon get used to refilling the Superkettle when they know they will not need boiling water for a little time.

Q. Is the water hot enough to brew tea?

A. Yes. Because the water is maintained a fraction below boiling point, the SuperKettle makes perfect tea, as well as other hot drinks.

Q. Does it not cost a lot to keep it on all the time?

A. No.  Energy in a traditional kettle is wasted because of things like poor insulation, water converted to steam before it switches off, and in the excess water which is heated and left in the kettle but not used.  Because the SuperKettle has a double skin to provide an insulation layer, most of the energy goes into the water, and no steam is produced, and very little energy is needed to continue to keep it warm.  It is estimated that maintaining the water temperature costs less than 13 pence per day (depending on electricity tariffs).  But this is not all ‘new’ cost to you, because remember that you are probably heating more water than you need every time you boil your ordinary kettle and then letting it cool, whereas the SuperKettle retains most of the energy used.  And during times when you are heating your house, the energy simply contributes an amount, albeit small, to your background heating requirement and offsets a bit of your central heating bill.

Q. Is it safe to leave switched on all the time?

A. The SuperKettle is designed to be permanently on.  It automatically switches to high power when topped up with cold water, and then to low power once the correct temperature is reached.  However, if you going to be away or on holiday for more than a day, the SuperKettle should be unplugged.

Q. Why is the SuperKettle safer than an ordinary kettle?

A. You don’t have to pour from the SuperKettle to get the water out: it is delivered from the internal pump when the button is pressed.  The outside of the SuperKettle never gets too hot to touch. The SuperKettle does not normally emit steam which could accidentally scald.

Q. How do I get water out of the SuperKettle?

A. There are 2 or 3 ways, depending on the model. Place a cup, teapot or container under the outlet and press the dispense button on the top. On the stainless model, you can also hold a cup under the spout, and the cup-switch will start the pump.  Finally, the kettles have a manual air pump on the top of the lid, but this is not normally used unless power is not available.

Q. What if I want really hot water?

A. The standby temperature of the SuperKettle is close to boiling point, so is ready for all uses including making tea. You can press the reboil switch to force it to boil for a few minutes if you wish, but this mainly creates steam.

Q. Won’t the water go stale if left in the SuperKettle?

A. No. The water is so hot that it cannot deteriorate or support bacterial growth.

Q. Do I need to descale the SuperKettle?

A. Like any equipment which heats water, in hard water areas scale (which comes from the natural salts contained in tap water) will gradually build up in the stainless steel chamber.  The SuperKettle can be descaled with products designed for kettles and coffee-makers, or even lemon juice.  We like one called Kilrock K from hardware stores or B&Q.  Please note that claims under the warranty will not be accepted if the instructions for maintaining the SuperKettle have not been followed.

Q. Why is the SuperKettle useful for caravans?

A. The SuperKettle is easier to operate where space is often limited for pouring a traditional kettle.  The power consumption on maximum load (less than 3 amps)  is within the supply rating of all electric hook-ups, and yet it can provide ample hot water.  Because you leave it on, the hot water is always ready - much faster than a conventional low power kettle.  And when you are on a hook-up, you are not using your gas bottles to heat water.